25 marzo, 2011

Base de datos sobre políticas de renovables

De mi buzón de correo:
The RES LEGAL webpage (www.res-legal.eu) is an information database on laws and regulations for RES-E support schemes and grid issues in all 27 EU Member States.

Each country profile is updated every year, as of now the first round of updates for 2011 is ongoing. The country profiles updated with the latest information are:

- Denmark (support schemes);
- Germany (support schemes & grid issues);
- France (support schemes);
- Poland (support schemes & grid issues);
- Slowakia (support schemes & grid issues);
- Czech Republic (support schemes & grid issues).

Information given on the site includes the support systems in use in each country, their management and funding, their legal framework. Furthermore, information on the connection, usage and expansion of the electricity grid in connection with RES-E, on litigation procedures and on cost sharing is also available and accessible.

The RES LEGAL website is completely free and openly-accessible (http://www.res-legal.eu).

Further update rounds will take place in the next weeks.

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